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What is the Premise of Kiki Banana?

Kiki Banana and her crew

Kiki, a free-spirited self-made treasure hunter from a podunk banana plantation on the Nimrod Sea, was thrust into a life of adventure after being booted out of her grandma's home on her nineteenth birthday for being a freeloader.


Now, she sails the seas on her ramshackle sailboat with her ragtag crew; Capt. Petey a delusional and perpetually angry parrot who insists he's the captain, Re-Petey a brain-dead parrot who just licks everything, and the intellectual Sophicles Prosperonimus Shnozart III, a proboscis monkey who, despite having only disdain for Kiki and her irrational and impulsive way of life, feels compelled to follow her anyway for... some reason.

Kiki and crew travel from island to weird and wacky island in pursuit of treasure and adventure, who, like an unassuming banana peel laying on the floor, cause all sorts of chaos and mayhem in their wake.

About the Author

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